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MuseumABC – U to Z

September 27, 2013


We’ve reached the end of the MuseumABC. Today I’m sharing my choices for the letters U to Z! For more details about the project, check out the Museum140 website and Pinterest boards. U is for…Uniform At the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C., USA. V is for…Video Games The Computerspielemuseum in Berlin, Germany, is a lot of fun! W is for…Wishes At the Jewish Museum Berlin you can right a wish on a paper pomegranate and add it to the wishing tree. X […]

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MuseumABC – P to T

September 26, 2013


As you may have heard by now, things are a bit different on Museum Diary this week. I’m sharing my A to Z choices for the MuseumABC project, which we’re running over at Museum140 for Social Media week. There’s more info on the project itself, and how you can get involved, on the Museum140 website. Here is my selection for the letters P to T: P is for…Please Touch The National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh has lots of great interactive displays. Q is for…Qwoo Say […]

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Kids in Museums: Washington, D.C. Edition

April 29, 2013


When I tell people we went to see 17 different museums and galleries (well, 16 + the Zoo, but it’s a Smithsonian too) during our holiday in Washington, D.C., responses have included “how can you take them all in?” and “you must be insane, and with a toddler in tow too!” First of all, we were there for two weeks and we didn’t really do much else than visit museums – D.C. is like a proverbial sweetie shop for museum lovers – so that makes […]

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{USA} Up, Up and Away

April 17, 2013


The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum probably doesn’t need much of an introduction. Located on the National Mall in down town Washington, D.C., it “maintains the largest collection of historic air and spacecraft in the world. It is also a vital center for research into the history, science, and technology of aviation and space flight, as well as planetary science and terrestrial geology and geophysics*.” With around 7 to 8 million visitors a year, it is one of the most visited museums in the […]

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