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MuseumABC – A to E

September 23, 2013


This week is going to be a little different on Museum Diary. It’s Social Media Week in several cities around the world, including Berlin, so over at Museum140 we’ve been planning a very special project for which we need your help. It’s been a while since we ran a photography based project, so we thought it would be fun to create a visual Museum ABC, with photos to represent each letter of the alphabet. And that’s where you can join in! Throughout Social Media Week, […]

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Museum City Guide: My Top 5 in Reykjavík

July 29, 2013


Reykjavík holds a special place in our hearts – it’s where we spent the majority of our honeymoon. And yes, part of that was spent at a museum conference, but just for the record – my husband didn’t mind and thought it was fun to get to see me speak. In fact, he really enjoys visiting museums himself too, so we clocked up quite a few during our trip. Sometimes people are surprised at how many museums there are in Reykjavík, considering Iceland is overall […]

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Reykjavík Maritime Museum

October 6, 2009


Reykjavík Maritime Museum

I thought I’d devote an extra little blog post to the Reykjavík Maritime Museum, as according to their website, “Visting Iceland without learning something about its maritime tradition is like going to England and ignoring its royalty.” I don’t know about the British Royal Family, but the museum is in a unique location overlooking the old fishing harbour. The permanent exhibitions cover the evolution of Icelandic fishing and coastal culture through the centuries, including a mock-up of a pier alongside an historic ship, which aims […]

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