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{Germany} Museum Spotting by Boat

September 4, 2013


A really popular activity in Berlin when the weather is nice, is to go on a boat ride along one of the rivers or canals. Oh, the hours we have spent watching boats on the way to and from nursery, and waving to the people on board as they slip under the bridge below us.  So a few weeks ago we finally made #MuseumBaby’s wish come to, and all went on a boat ride ourselves. There many different options and companies to chose from. We […]

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{Germany} Museum Knoblauchhaus

June 19, 2013


I was going to share another of our Scottish visits with you today, but I haven’t quite got round to processing the rest of my photos – it’s been so darn hot here in Berlin this week, I’ve just been lying in a cool dark room trying not to melt… So instead I’m sharing another great discovery from Berlin instead. Although the Museum Knoblauchhaus may sound like a museum all about garlic (Knoblauch being German for that rather pungent bulb) – and with museums about […]

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