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Museum Cocktail Week: Qwoo Bloody Mary

May 10, 2013

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I hope you’ve been enjoying Museum Cocktail Week, though judging by the reactions on Twitter I’d hazard a guess it’s been a winner. So what have I got for you to round off this week? Well, with the weekend just around the corner, it had to be a nice cocktail you could enjoy at a weekend brunch. And what better than a Bloody Mary? But not just any Bloody Mary… If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ll know that I’m quite the […]

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Museum Cocktail Week: Your Suggestions

May 9, 2013


Museum Diary isn’t the only one looking at museum inspired cocktails this week. Earlier in the week, the National Museum of Scotland put out a call for suggestions to name the new cocktail for their next late night event: RBS Museum Lates Dino Night! So there were lots of other dinosaur themed cocktail names floating around Twitter and Facebook, just as I had posted my Green Dinosaur recipe, such as Rex on the Beach Long Island Ice T-rex Jurassic Juice Fossil Fuel Dino-mite The guys […]

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Museum Cocktail Week: Berry Berserkers

May 8, 2013


Are you ready for another cocktail? My spontaneous ‘Museum Cocktail Week’ really seems to be hitting it off. People are coming up with lots of fun names for museum inspired cocktails, I may do a round up later in the week. This next cocktail was inspired by my most favourite museum in the world – the National Museum of Scotland. In fact, not so much inspired as it was the cocktail featured at their Night of the Vikings event in February. Not only did the […]

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Museum Cocktail Week: Green Dinosaur

May 6, 2013


When I stumbled per chance across the ‘Museum of the American Cocktail‘ online a couple of months, and read they were planning to celebrate ‘World Cocktail Week’ this week, I thought it would be fun to think of a related feature for Museum Diary. When I started researching museums + cocktails a bit more, I discovered that museum and art inspired cocktails are quite the thing. The blog ‘World Curious Traveler‘ writes about Art on the Rocks, an event at the Torpedo Factory arts centre in […]

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