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Jenni’s Museum Awards 2011 (Part 2)

January 16, 2012

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Best Temporary Exhibitions I’ve counted 20 temporary exhibitions I visited in 2011, including ones on bathrooms, war photography, movie storyboards, Alice in Wonderland, fire and The Queen, so it’s difficult to choose, but taking into account the overall impact and interest in the subject matter, I think my three favourites are: Mammuts: Giganten der Eiszeit at the Neanderthal Museum The Hokusai Retrospektive at the Martin Gropius Bau Banished Books at the National Library of Scotland Honourable mention to Fashion Talks at the Museum für Kommunikation, which made me laugh because I travelled […]

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Jenni’s Museum Awards 2011 (Part 1)

January 9, 2012


After visiting all those museums last year, I thought I would do a kind of ‘Museum Awards’ to pick out some of the highlights. Best Food No question, the award for best food experience has to go to the National Library of Scotland, simply for their selection of gluten free cakes! No, they’re not made fresh in house, they are pre-packaged from a gluten free range, but at least they recognise that they have customers with a need for this and they have three or […]

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52 Museums in 52 Weeks

January 4, 2012


52 Museums in 52 Weeks

This time last year I had the idea that, as a challenge for the year, I would try to visit 52 museums in 52 weeks. However, with #MuseumBaby to look after I didn’t know how feasible this project was or whether I’d just end up being one of those mums who visits the National Museum of Scotland every other day because it’s free and it’s raining again outside. Turns out, a bit of both as the case was. But, either way, I didn’t tell anyone […]

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