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{Germany} [Probe]Räume at the Märkisches Museum in Berlin

June 19, 2017


Last month, I was invited by the Stadtmuseum Berlin to the launch of their new exhibition [Probe]Räume at the Märkisches Museum. The museum is preparing to go through a redevelopment, with expected closures from 2020 onwards, and is using the time in the run up to that to experiment with new formats – [Probe]Räume literally means [Rehearsal]Rooms. The exhibition, on the second floor of the museum, revisits the founding principles of the museum of collecting, researching and curating, and reinterprets them for the present day, making […]

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{Germany} Early Easter Fun at Märkisches Museum

March 15, 2016


100 Museums Challenge: Museum No.16 Last weekend, #MuseumBoy and I headed to the Märkisches Museum here in Berlin for their latest Family Day. With Easter on the horizon, the theme this time round was all around the Easter Bunny’s workshop. We made some bunny ears each to get in the mood (I was the only adult I spotted, other than the staff, who was sporting their own set of ears^^) – #MuseumBoy’s ears were, of course, pink! I stuck to a more traditional brown. We […]

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{Germany} Chasing art thieves in Berlin

November 20, 2015

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Apologies for the silence around the blog recently, November has caught me a little by surprise. But I really wanted to share some photos with you from an event that #MuseumBoy and I attended a couple of weekends ago. Berlin’s Märkisches Museum is one that we’ve had mixed experiences with in the past, but I wanted to give them another chance. What better opportunity, than their annual ‘Familientag’ (Family Day). This year’s theme was ‘Emil und die Detektive’ (Emil and the Detectives), after the name […]

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{Germany} Be a knight, do it right!

November 4, 2013


I mentioned on Friday that there was a whole host of museum family festivals taking place in Berlin at the weekend. Since the boy has recently discovered the wonders of “Mike the Knight” – giving poor old Postman Pat a run for his money – we opted for the Family Day at the Märkisches Museum, with its knights, knaves & damsels theme. The museum tells the story of Berlin through a series of themed rooms and exhibitions, giving an insight in to the life, work […]

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