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{Sweden} Mini Art Marathon in Gothenburg

April 29, 2016


100 Museums Challenge: Museum No.24, 25, 26 & 27 During our family holiday in Gothenburg, we’d steadily worked our way through the list of museums recommended as particularly suitable for children, either because they had exhibitions specifically aimed at children – such as the Världskulturmuseet, the Stadsmuseum, or the Sjöfartsmuseet – or because of the subject matter: natural history museums are always a winner with kids! I was a little sad not to see any art museums on the various lists we had consulted before our trip, […]

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{Sweden} Ship Ahoy at the Sjöfartsmuseet

April 28, 2016

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100 Museums Challenge: Museum No.23 I admit, I’m a sucker for maritime museums. So even without it being recommended to us as a great place to visit with kids, Gothenburg’s Sjöfartsmuseet would have been high on my list! Actually, it’s the Sjöfartsmuseet Akvariet, to give it its full name, as it includes a small aquarium too. Afore mentioned aquarium can be found on the ground floor. It was smaller than the one at Universeum science centre, which we’d seen a few days before, but it […]

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{Sweden} Visiting the famous Malmska Valen

April 27, 2016


100 Museums Challenge: Museum No.22   Natural history are always a winner with kids, so during our family holiday in Gothenburg we of course had to visit the Naturhistoriska Museum! That and the fact it has a very famous whale exhibit, and we really wanted to ‘meet’ the local celebrity.   The Naturhistoriska Museum has everything you would expect from a natural history museum. Dinosaurs…   …cases crammed full of bugs and butterflies (and don’t those old display cases just look beautiful!)…   …rocks and […]

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{Sweden} Hands-on Science at Universeum

April 26, 2016

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100 Museums Challenge: Museum No.21 Continuing with our series of museums in Gothenburg, I wanted to tell you about Universeum. Which is actually a science centre, rather than a museum, but let’s not be too picky about definitions. In fact, it’s the largest science centre in the Nordic region, covering seven levels, from marine life to rainforest to outer space and everything in between. You start your visit by taking a diagonal lift up to ‘Water’s Way’ on Level 7, where you will meet some […]

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{Sweden} Göteborgs Stadsmuseum

April 25, 2016


100 Museums Challenge: Museum No.20 Writing about the utterly amazing Världskulturmuseet I introduced to you in my last post is a hard act to follow, but I wanted to tell you about some of the other museums we visited in Göteborg. Since it was a family holiday, our museum choices were all strongly influenced by which museums sounded the most child friendly. I really like visiting city museums when I go to a new place for the first time, since it’s a great way to […]

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{Sweden} Tillsammans – Together

April 18, 2016


100 Museums Challenge: Museum No.19 “We are two coconuts. We were picked from a palm tree in the warm breeze. Village boys dressed as women and we became their breasts. We gone on a trip and for a long time we were on a dark shelf. And now we are here!” When #MuseumBoy started reciting this the other day out of the blue, it threw me for a minute. Coconuts? Breasts? Where was he getting this from?! “The museum!” he exclaimed. “What museum?!??” He looked […]

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