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{Scotland} Save Edinburgh’s Museum of Fire!

February 3, 2016


A while back, I wrote a rather enthusiastic review about Edinburgh’s Museum of Fire, housed in the historical fire station at Lauriston Place. One of those little discoveries for whom the phrase ‘hidden gem’ seems to have been coined especially. At the time, the future of the museum was uncertain, so I was delighted to see it was still open and going strong, when we visited Edinburgh last Autumn. We had the luck to be in town during doors open weekend, which meant they had pulled […]

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40 Things About Me

March 19, 2015


Next month, I will be attending the conference ‘The Hive – a gathering of digital storytellers, tastemakers & bloggers’ in Berlin. Yvonne, who runs the conference which is now in its fourth year, has invited all attendees to take part in sharing ’40 Things About Me’. It’s taken me a while to gather mine together – 40 is quite a lot – but here they are. I hope you will indulge me, and perhaps finding out some new things about me :) And, since this […]

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{Kids in Museums} Let’s visit the Jewish Museum Berlin!

November 19, 2014

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For some people, the Jewish Museum Berlin may seem an unusual choice to visit with a toddler, but it remains one of #MuseumBoy’s  Top 3 museums in Berlin! Admittedly, we have been told off once for being too loud in the Holocaust memorial section in the basement level, but if you head to the permanent exhibition on the upper floors which present the remaining 2000 years of Jewish history, it’s no different from taking your kids to any other history museum In fact, it’s better than […]

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Kids in Museums: Take them early, take them often, take them everywhere

April 15, 2013


Berlin has several children’s museums, but I have to confess we’ve never been to any of them. I think it’s fantastic that children’s museums exist, and I greatly appreciate their value, but given the option I prefer to take my son to ‘regular’ museums because I want him to learn to love them as much as I do. And I think it’s never too early to start. I’ve been taking my son to museums since he was just a few weeks old. By the time […]

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