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{Scotland} Early People Discovery Zone

July 24, 2017


Apologies for the radio silence. There have been some big changes happening at Museum Diary HQ – we moved house, and I was largely offline for two weeks until we got internet sorted in our new place. The exciting news is, we’ve moved back to Edinburgh!! We’ve been busy unpacking boxes and putting up shelves since we arrived, but this past weekend we finally made it to our happy place – the National Museum of Scotland. I swear, #MuseumBoy must be the only kid happy about […]

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{Scotland} Portrait Detectives

June 26, 2017


Now that we are almost half way through the year, I have been tidying up my photo archives from the past six months, and came across some pics that reminded me of a fantastic ‘kids in museums’ programme I’ve been meaning to tell you about. Or ‘kids in galleries’, to be more accurate. I’ve been a fan of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery for a while now – long time readers may remember it featuring in my ‘Top 5 in Edinburgh’ city guide – but when […]

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{Scotland} Another Mini Museum Marathon in Edinburgh!

February 18, 2016


100 Museums Challenge: Museums No.9, 10, 11, 12, 13 & 14 What’s better than one Mini Museum Marathon? Two Mini Museums Marathons! Well, at least if you are me. I could have spent the last day in of my long ‘girls only’ weekend away in Scotland sitting in a cafe with a nice cup of tea, reading a book, and watching the world go by. Just enjoying some ‘me time’ away from my three boys. Instead, I chose to work my way down the Royal Mile, taking […]

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{Scotland} A Mini Museum Marathon in Edinburgh

February 11, 2016


100 Museums Challenge: Museums No.5, 6, 7 & 8 During my recent long weekend away in Scotland, I made up for lost time in my 100 Museums Challenge. After taking it nice and easy in Dundee on the first couple of days, I went on a bit of a ‘Mini Museum Marathon’ in Edinburgh. On Sunday, I visited four museums. It sounds like a lot for one day, but they were all within about ten minutes walking distance of each other, admission to all of them […]

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{Scotland} Save Edinburgh’s Museum of Fire!

February 3, 2016


A while back, I wrote a rather enthusiastic review about Edinburgh’s Museum of Fire, housed in the historical fire station at Lauriston Place. One of those little discoveries for whom the phrase ‘hidden gem’ seems to have been coined especially. At the time, the future of the museum was uncertain, so I was delighted to see it was still open and going strong, when we visited Edinburgh last Autumn. We had the luck to be in town during doors open weekend, which meant they had pulled […]

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Some Scottish Favourites

October 5, 2015


It’s no big secret that Scotland has my heart. And it’s even less of a secret that the National Museum of Scotland holds the top position in my list of favourite museums. In fact, the amount I talk about it, you’d think there were no other museums in Scotland. But I have some great Scottish additions to add to the Museum Diary map! In fact, if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you may have noticed that we were in Scotland the past two […]

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