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MuseumABC – U to Z

September 27, 2013


We’ve reached the end of the MuseumABC. Today I’m sharing my choices for the letters U to Z! For more details about the project, check out the Museum140 website and Pinterest boards. U is for…Uniform At the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C., USA. V is for…Video Games The Computerspielemuseum in Berlin, Germany, is a lot of fun! W is for…Wishes At the Jewish Museum Berlin you can right a wish on a paper pomegranate and add it to the wishing tree. X […]

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{Germany} Game Over?

March 15, 2013


Like most parents of young children, one thing we really miss about our old life is the chance for a good old lie in. So the husband and I take it in turns at the weekends to give each other the gift  of an extra hour or two in bed whilst the other one of us entertains #MuseumBaby. A couple of weeks ago, I caught my boys playing Mario Kart Wii when I came through to join them. They didn’t even notice I was there […]

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