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{Denmark} Copenhagen’s Historic Round Tower

January 27, 2014

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Copenhagen’s Rundetaarn – which simply translates as ‘round tower’ – has been a feature of the city’s skyline since 1642, and is part of a complex that includes the adjacent Trinitatis Church. Once home to the University’s astronomers, it’s still Europe’s oldest functioning observatory and visitors can explore the skies during the winter months (see website for observatory viewing times). There’s no lift inside the historic tower, so the only way up is by climbing up the spiral ramp that winds its way to the […]

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{Germany} Jan Bouman House

January 18, 2013


If you find yourself on Mittelstraße in Germany’s Potsdam, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were in the Netherlands instead. The city’s Dutch Quarter was built in the 18th century for Dutch craftsmen living in Potsdam, an outward sign demonstrating the Prussians’ policy of tolerance. Covering an area of four city blocks, the around 150 houses are built in traditional Dutch style, with red bricks and gabled roofs. The Jan Bouman House, built in 1735 and named after the architect who directed the development, stands […]

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{Armenia} Music rising from the ruins

November 21, 2012


Armenia has some pretty impressive architecture. I’ve already mentioned the very beautiful 4th century Echmiadzin Cathedral. Alas, another beautiful cathedral that we we were introduced to, this time from the 7th century, was destroyed, probably by an earthquake, in the late 10th century. Its ruins were discovered and excavated in the early 20th century, and the “Zvarnots Historical and Cultural Museum Reserve” tells its story. Beginning with a gallery about the archaeological excavations. and the architectural structure and construction techniques of Zvarnots Cathedral, visitors are […]

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{Armenia} Treading on Holy Ground

November 14, 2012


I’ve introduced you to a couple of wonderful museums from Yerevan now, but during the ICOM-CECA Conference we also had the opportunity to go on a day trip and see some more of the country. We had a choice of four different options, and I chose the one with the main focus of visiting Echmiadzin in Armavir Province, Central Armenia, about 20km from Yerevan. Echmiadzin is home to Echmiadzin Cathedral, also known as the ‘Mother Cathedral of Holy Echmiadzin – the central cathedral of the […]

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{Spain} Casa Museu Gaudí

July 18, 2012


I was hoping to report back on some museums from the day trip we took to Poland on Monday, but those of you who follow me on Twitter will already know that sadly all the museums in Szczecin were closed. Next time we will remember not to travel there on a Monday! But I still have yet some more Barcelona museums up my sleeve ;-) The Casa Museu Gaudí (or Gaudí House Museum) is located in Parc Güell on top of a hill to the […]

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