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{Scotland} Early People Discovery Zone

July 24, 2017


Apologies for the radio silence. There have been some big changes happening at Museum Diary HQ – we moved house, and I was largely offline for two weeks until we got internet sorted in our new place. The exciting news is, we’ve moved back to Edinburgh!! We’ve been busy unpacking boxes and putting up shelves since we arrived, but this past weekend we finally made it to our happy place – the National Museum of Scotland. I swear, #MuseumBoy must be the only kid happy about […]

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{Scotland} Portrait Detectives

June 26, 2017


Now that we are almost half way through the year, I have been tidying up my photo archives from the past six months, and came across some pics that reminded me of a fantastic ‘kids in museums’ programme I’ve been meaning to tell you about. Or ‘kids in galleries’, to be more accurate. I’ve been a fan of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery for a while now – long time readers may remember it featuring in my ‘Top 5 in Edinburgh’ city guide – but when […]

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{Germany} [Probe]Räume at the Märkisches Museum in Berlin

June 19, 2017


Last month, I was invited by the Stadtmuseum Berlin to the launch of their new exhibition [Probe]Räume at the Märkisches Museum. The museum is preparing to go through a redevelopment, with expected closures from 2020 onwards, and is using the time in the run up to that to experiment with new formats – [Probe]Räume literally means [Rehearsal]Rooms. The exhibition, on the second floor of the museum, revisits the founding principles of the museum of collecting, researching and curating, and reinterprets them for the present day, making […]

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{Germany} The New Museum Barberini Opens

January 24, 2017


Ever since visiting the ITB tourism trade fair last year, and hearing about the Museum Barberini project in Berlin’s neighbouring city of Potsdam, I’ve been excited about this new museum opening. And last weekend, the wait was finally over! Ahead of assuming it’s regular operation yesterday, Museum Barberini was taking part in Potsdam’s annual festival of lights, and members of the public had a chance to visit the new museum for free. When I saw the massive queue on arrival – an hour before the […]

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{Netherlands} Het Scheepvartmuseum

October 7, 2016


I have a bit of a soft spot for Maritime Museums, so when I found myself with some extra time in Amsterdam, either side of a conference I attended last week, Het Scheepvartmuseum – which I had never been to before – was top of my list! It’s pretty stunning when you walk in to the glass covered courtyard! From there, three different wings lead off to the exhibitions: the North, East and West wings. I decided to start with the East Wing. On the […]

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{Germany} Plattenbau Living at the DDR Museum

September 27, 2016


Last week, I was invited to visit the DDR Museum to view the new extension to their permanent exhibition which recently opened. I’ve written about the DDR Museum before. It’s one of the most popular museums in Berlin, and although it gets a little crowded at weekends, it’s a great museum to visit with kids. Even more so, after the recent changes. Previously, the museum was divided in to two key areas: the everyday side of life in the DDR, and the political side. So what’s […]

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