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Hello, and welcome to Museum Diary – the travel and lifestyle blog with a difference! I’m Jenni. I’m a museologist, currently living in Berlin, and I love museums a lot. Whether I’m exploring on my own doorstep or sightseeing when I’m travelling, no museum is safe from me. My particular passions include discovering museum curiosities and hidden gems, championing family-friendly museums, and scouting out great museum cafés.

In my spare time, I also run Museum140, an independent initiative that strives to bring together museums and museum lovers worldwide through fun and engaging social media projects. You can find out more about me in the FAQs, or in Press Cuttings. And before you ask, my favourite museum in the world is the National Museum of Scotland – watch this short video (4 mins) to find out why!

So, come and join me on a journey around the world to explore museums you never even knew you wanted to visit!

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The majority of posts on Museum Diary showcase the diversity of museums I have visited around the world, with useful reviews for travellers and beautiful photographs to enjoy from home:
Explore museums via map
Explore alphabetical list of museums by country
Explore museums particularly suited to kids and families

Other regular features show how fun and interesting museums can be, including:

Museums & the Movies – Reviews of fabulous movies featuring museums.

Music to Visit Museums By – A selection of playlists to get you in the mood for visiting museums.

Collector’s Spotlight – Interview series about people and their interesting collections. Get in touch if you would like to be featured!

My Museum Cafe – Gluten free, vegan and other recipes to inspire museum cafes to cater towards visitors with special diets, and of course to bake at home!

Museum Craft Corner – Craft ideas spotted in or inspired by museums, e.g. the DIY Museum Mobile (with free downloadable printable).

(The portrait at the top of the page was taken by the wonderfully talented Zoë Noble and was originally featured in Issue 23 of ‘The Simple Things’ magazine, in their series about collectors.)