MuseumBoy’s Amazing Museum of Funny Cars

December 24, 2016

Kids in Museums

Happy Christmas Eve, everyone! Here in Germany, we start our festive celebrations today, and I will be signing off for the next week to spend some quality time with my family. But before I go, I have a little Christmas present for you, to thank you all for reading and supporting my blog this year. You may remember earlier this year, I reviewed and recommended a children’s book called ‘Mi & Museum City’, written and illustrated by the extremely talented Linda Sarah. It’s been one of our favourite books this year, not just in the museum genre but in general. It’s full of creativity, a little bit bonkers, and lovingly illustrated. It inspired me to start the ‘Kids in Museums Book Club‘ (which will be returning next year, after a recent hiatus), and it inspired #MuseumBoy to come up with his own museums, including ‘The Museum of Funny Cars’. So then Linda and I were chatting on Twitter, and she was asking about the Museum of Funny Cars, and #MuseumBoy started drawing some of the cars in *his* museum, and the next thing I knew, I had an email in my inbox with a short story, written exclusively for #MuseumBoy. You can probably imagine how utterly thrilled he was! And I was too. The short story is set in ‘No Museum City’, which you can see on the map in the original book. So exciting!

Museum City 02

And now, Linda has kindly agreed for me to make this exclusive, unpublished story available to my readers here on the blog, with illustrations provided by none other than #MuseumBoy himself. If you are familiar with ‘Mi & Museum City’ you will recognise the style of the story, if not I’m sure you’ll still enjoy it – and you should totally go and check out the original book too (affiliate link*)! And with that, I just want to say thank you – thank you to Linda for the story, thank you to #MuseumBoy for the pictures, and thank you to you all for reading and supporting Museum Diary. Merry Christmas!


MuseumBoy’s Amazing Museum of Funny Cars

A short story by Linda Sarah.

A little bit west and a little bit north of Museum City, then a bit more west, sits No Museum City. Here there are houses and a few shops: one that sells eggs; one that sells parachutes and one that sells everything you need for a day, including jelly. But there are no museums. None.

And when MuseumBoy first visited No Museum City, he found this really strange. He asked some passers-by: “Why aren’t there any museums?” They looked at him surprised and replied: “What are museums?!” MuseumBoy told them that museums were places where you could see the most amazing things and find out lots of new, exciting facts about these things. The passers-by just continued looking surprised and a bit confused.


(The Cooker Car)

So MuseumBoy went to visit Mayor Baaaaaa (a sheepy kind of creature) and asked Mayor Baaaaaa the same question. “Baaaaaa. Theeeerreeeee’s no neeeeeeed for museeeeeeums heeeeerrrre,” said Mayor Baaaaaa “They aaaaaaaarne’t any use. You can’t eeeeeeaaaaat them, you can’t sleeeeeeeeep on them, they don’t sell aaaaaaaanything…” “But they’re FUN!” said MuseumBoy and he began describing the museum he would like to make: The Museum Of Funny Cars.

As MuseumBoy told Mayor Baaaaaa about the types of cars in The Museum of Funny Cars, like the Watermelon Car; the Key Car; the Clock Car; the Tree Car, Cooker Car and many others, something very odd happened. Mayor Baaaaaa began to giggle (something he’d never done before). And it felt really good! “So even though you can’t eat a muuuuuuuseuuuum, it caaaaaaaaan be a gooooood thing,” baaaaaaaaaed Mayor Baaaaaa. He asked MuseumBoy to please make this Museum of Funny Cars here in this city. And he DID!


(The Key Car)

Of course, they had to change the name of No Museum City to No Museum City Apart From One. And I’ve heard that there might even be some more museums there soon, so it will have to be changed again. MuseumBoy’s Museum of Funny Cars bought fun, joy and the longest, fattest, biggest giggles anyone has ever heard. I could try to describe the exhibits in the museum, but I think MuseumBoy would be much better as he made this museum. So go there now, meet MuseumBoy and the most Amazing, Extraordinary, Most Magical and Silly Cars you can possibly imagine. And ones you can’t even imagine at all.


(The Tree Car)

* If you purchase this book via the affiliate link, it means that a small percentage of profit goes to me – at no extra cost to you – which goes towards helping to keeping this blog running. Thank you!

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