{England} A date with the Tudors

June 21, 2016


100 Museums Challenge: Museum No.74

National Portrait Gallery London - entrance

When I was younger, I had a total history crush on Henry VIII. Not in a ‘I fancy him and want to marry him’ kind of way (I’m way too fond of my head, for that, lol), but I was just fascinated with him, his life and that of the Tudors and Stuarts. I had umpteen books – kids books, youth books and later grown up books – about that era, and when we went on our high school trip to London and everyone else just wanted to go shopping, I made one of the teachers traipse to the National Portrait Gallery with me. Because we weren’t allowed to go sightseeing alone and I hadn’t come all the way to London just to buy shoes! And I think that was the last time I was there, which must be almost 20 years ago now (yes, I’m rapidly approaching 40, believe it or not). So when I found myself with a spare afternoon in London, ahead of the Blogtacular blogging conference I had gone to attend this past weekend, I made a beeline to the National Portrait Gallery to geek out over the portraits of Henry VIII and his entourage!

National Portrait Gallery London - Henry VIII young

Young King Henry VIII (unknown artist, ca 1520)

National Portrait Gallery London - Henry VIII old

Older King Henry VIII (unknown artist, 1590 – 1620)

National Portrait Gallery London - Catherine of Aragon

Wife No.1: Catherine of Aragon  (unknown artist, ca 1520)

National Portrait Gallery London - Anne Bolyn

Wife No.2: the ill-fated Anne Boleyn (unknown artist, late 16th century after a portrait of 1533-36)

National Portrait Gallery London - Katherine Parr

Wife No.6: Katherine Parr (attributed to Master John, 1545)

National Portrait Gallery London - Queen Mary - Bloody Mary

Daughter No.1: Queen Mary 1 – a.k.a. Bloody Mary (by Master John, 1544)

National Portrait Gallery London - Tudor Gallery

Daughter No.2: Queen Elizabeth I (unknown artist, ca 1600)

National Portrait Gallery London - Mary Queen of Scots

Elizabeth’s ill-fated cousin – and my other major history crush! – Mary, Queen of Scots (after Nicholas Hilliard, late 165h century)

National Portrait Gallery London - arch way with Bonnie Prince Charlie

And since we were moving in to Scottish territory, I squeezed in Prince Charles Edward Stewart too – a.k.a. Bonnie Prince Charlie (by Louis Gabriel Blanchet, 1738)

National Portrait Gallery London - Bonnie Prince Charlie

The National Portrait Gallery is open daily from 10am until 6pm, and until 9pm on Thursdays and Fridays. Admission is free to the permanent exhibitions, and there is free WiFi in the building too!

>> You can see more photos of my visit to the National Portrait Gallery over on Flickr!

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