Kids in Museums Book Club: Maisy Goes to the Museum

June 16, 2016

Kids in Museums

This month, I’ve got #MuseumBaby helping me out with the book club instead of #MuseumBoy, as our June recommendation is one for the very little ones.

Maisy goes to the Museum 01

The Maisy ‘first experiences’ series, by Lucy Cousins, sees Maisy the mouse and her friends – which include a crocodile, a squirrel, a chicken and an elephant – have lots of little adventures that young children can relate to. They go to the library, to nursery, or camping, they deal with bed time or wobbly teeth. And they go the ‘the museum’. A generic, seemingly wonderful museum combining the best of many museums I have been to.

Maisy goes to the Museum 02

There are dinosaurs, birds, insects and a woolly mammoth. Cars, planes, a penny farthing, and a rocket. Maisy and her friends draw, play with puppets, make music, and dress up. And at the end of their visit, they all go for cake at the museum café.

Maisy goes to the Museum 07

It’s a relatively short book – 25 pages, with big, bold illustrations and minimal text. This is the very first museum book I ever got for my kids. #MuseumBoy loved it when he was younger, and now his little brother is starting to enjoy it. It says on the back of the book that it is perfect for children aged 3+, but at 18 months #MuseumBaby will let me read all the way through it with him, pointing at the animals and other things he knows along the way. It’s great for developing his vocabulary, and a good progression from the baby books that make up most of his library so far. I just need to keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn’t get too enthusiastic with the pages, as it’s a paper back rather than a board book.

Maisy goes to the Museum 03

Maisy goes to the Museum 06

And the simple text means it’s also perfect for #MuseumBoy – who is just starting to learn to read – to read for himself. He had moved on from this book a while ago, but is now coming back to it as a first reader. Not long now, and *he* will be the one reading it to his little brother.

Maisy goes to the Museum 04

Whether you are already familiar with Maisy or are hearing about her for the first time, this is an excellent book to delight even the youngest of museum fans.

Maisy goes to the Museum 05

Maisy Goes to the Museum, by Lucy Cousins, is available from Amazon UK*, Amazon USA, and Amazon Deutschland*.  Please note that Amazon UK and Amazon Deutschland are affiliate links, which means if you shop via these links, I receive a small percentage of the sales.

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