{Germany} T.rex versus Spinosaurus

May 11, 2016


100 Museums Challenge: Museum No.43

Brachiosaurus Oskar 01

There’s not much to be said about Berlin’s Museum für Naturkunde that I haven’t said already, but I wanted to share some pics from our latest visit to the much loved natural history museum. We had some friends visiting from Scotland, and seeing the museum’s famous dinosaur collection was an absolute ‘must visit’. Visiting is namesake Oskar, the Brachiosaurus, is always a pleaseure, but this visit was especially exciting as #MuseumBoy had not yet seen the new T.rex addition which I wrote about last year. And neither of us had seen the even newer Spinosaurus!

Trex 02

Trex 01

Needless to say, #MuseumBoy had dinosaurs on the brain for the rest of the weekend (well, even more than he usually does anyway). He was particularly hung up by the fact, that the first set of Spinosaurus bones ever found was destroyed by an air raid during the war, after the museum director in question had found it unnecessary to move them to a safe place. If *he* was a museum director, he would *always* move dinosaur bones to safety if there was a chance of danger. Bless.

Spinosaurus 01

Spinosaurus 02

#MuseumBoy also could not get over the fact, that Spinosaurus was potentially bigger than T.rex. Mind blowing! The museum have actually made this pretty cool video about T.rex versus Spinosaurus:

The T.rex exhibition“Tristan – Berlin bares teeth” is showing at the Museum für Naturkunde until further notice. However, the Spinosaurus exhibition is only showing until 12th June 2016, so don’t wait around. If you’re in Berlin, go see it! The museum is open Tuesdays to Sundays (closed Mondays) and Spinosaurus and T.rex are both included in the regular admission. Up to date infos on opening times and admission prices can be found on the museum website.

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