Kids in Museums Book Club: Dogs’ Night

April 15, 2016

Kids in Museums

We’re sticking with the art gallery theme for this month’s Kids in Museums Book Club, though there are no Mona Lisas this time *smile* I was a bit hesitant about including this book, as it appears to be out of print and I want you to be able to go out and buy it if you like it, but there seem to be plenty of second hand copies available from third party sellers on Amazon.


“Large dogs and little dogs, spotty dogs and plain dogs, smooth dogs and woolly dogs, polite dogs and rough dogs…”

Dogs’ Night by Meredith Hooper is a current bedtime favourite (which seems to be turning in to the established way I chose the monthly book club entries). Based on the ever popular premise that things inside museums come alive at night when no one is looking, this art adventure sees dogs of all shapes and sizes climb out of their paintings at the Art Gallery for their “secret, once a year, special night out.”


Usually, their annual night time escapade goes unnoticed, but this time things don’t go quite according to plan as the dogs get a little overexcited and very sleepy after lapping up some ‘fizzy drink’ left over from a party in the gallery – and some of them end up in the wrong paintings! What happens when the Art Gallery opens again the next day? And will they have to stay that way forever? You’ll have to read the book to find out!


#MuseumBoy absolutely LOVES this book. Animals are always popular with children. Museum exhibits that come alive are exciting. Put the two of them together, and you have a winner. #MuseumBoy loves to point out all the different dogs to me – the cutest one, the smallest one etc. – and to compare the paintings before and after the mix up. The illustrations are lovely, and as an added bonus, the paintings featured in the book can actually be found in real life at the National Gallery in London – so now of course #MuseumBoy wants to go on holiday to London to see the real thing! Apparently, Hooper has also written a book featuring cats at an art gallery, so we’ll have to try and track that one down too.


And here’s what #MuseumBoy had to say about the book:

What do you think of the book?

It’s good! I like it, because it’s funny!

What is your favourite bit of the book?

When the dogs climb in to the wrong paintings! Also, I like that we know their secret but the people at the museum don’t.

Was there anything you didn’t like?

The people having a party. You shouldn’t eat and drink inside the museum!


That last bit about the eating and drinking made me laugh – and reminded me of last month’s book club, when he disapproved of people running in the museum or dripping paint on the floor. I’ve obviously trained him well!

As I mentioned at the beginning, Dogs’ Night seems to be out of print, but if you search for it on Amazon you’ll hopefully find a second hand copy. It’s definitely one to add to your library!

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