March 28, 2016



I’m taking a little break over the Easter holidays, to spend some quality time with my family and not worry about blogging too much, but I wanted to share a little project with you that I ran over at Museum140 the other week.

#MuseumRainbow was a photography project that ran from 14th to 21st March, with people being encouraged to share museum pics on Instagram and Twitter relating to a different colour of the rainbow each day (Red on Monday, Orange on Tuesday etc), finishing the week with actual rainbows themselves.

In total, over 1000 images were shared across Instagram and Twitter, with many more people tweeting and re-tweeting along to help spread the rainbow. The hashtag trended throughout the week, and there were contributions from almost twenty different countries worldwide. It was truly a marvellous thing to see Twitter flooded with colour, and all of it museum related!

I’ve written a slightly more detailed reflection on #MuseumRainbow week over at Museum140 (>> ‘Creating a Rainbow‘) and you can also check out the #MuseumRainbow Pinerest boards. Here I wanted to share with you the highlights of some of my own pics I posted throughout the week. I hope you enjoy my rainbow!









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