{Germany} Family Sunday at Berlin’s Technikmuseum

February 1, 2016


100 Museums Challenge: Museum No.2

Yesterday was a ‘doors open day’ at many museums and other public institutions across Berlin. It was the city’s way of saying thank you to its citizens for welcoming in and helping all the refugees that have been arriving here. The day before, I had a long list of museums I fancied checking out, but yesterday morning I thought, ‘you know what, Sunday is family time’, so we all headed out to the Technikmuseum together.


It’s #MuseumBoy’s favourite museum in Berlin, so he was allowed to chose where we go first. Today, he decided he wanted to see the ships. It’s quite a good section for kids with several hands on things to do, such as trying your hand at knots and hoisting sails, and a couple of real ships you can go aboard. The ships in bottles are also always a source of amazement, no matter how many times we see them.



Since it was right next to the ships, I put in a plea to check out the new sugar exhibit, which has replaced the former Sugar Museum that used to be located on the other side of town. Quiz question: What is the connection between a giant Japanese spider crab and sugar?



Finally, it came as no surprise that #MuseumBoy chose the cars exhibit to end our visit with. There was quite a Q for the Trabi car the kids can sit in, but this was an opportunity to instead take a closer look at some of the cars on display. There was much excitement, when we discovered Luigi and Professor Zündapp! (if you’ve seen Pixar’s Cars movies 438 times like I have, you will understand the reference).




The Deutsches Technikmuseum is usually open Tuesdays to Sundays. Up to date opening times and admission prices can be found on the museum website.


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