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January 15, 2016


I’ve been so busy getting my new ‘Berlin Museums for Kids‘ project off the ground, I totally forgot to publish this post, which I’d prepared for the the new year. One of my favourite part of reviewing the past year, is to see what my readers enjoyed most, and speaking of my new project, I’m really happy to see that the monthly listings I started in November have made it in to the Top 5, despite only launching so late in the year. And I had to laugh when I saw that the Origami Sumo Wrestler has made it in to the Top 5 for a third year in a row! But without further ado, here are last year’s most popular posts:


5. Tristan Otto

This was one of the very last posts of the year, but the widespread excitement about Berlin’s original T.rex skeleton ‘Tristan Otto’ seems to have helped to catapult this post in to the Top 5.

origami sumo wreslter

4. Origami Sumo Wrestler

Down from second place the years before, this is the third year that the Origami Sumo Wrestler has made it in to my Top 5 most popular posts. Have you made one yet?


3. 40 Things About Me

Last year, my post about ’11 Questions to a Museum Blogger’ made it in to the Top 5. This year it’s ’40 Things About Me’ – seems my readers are a bit curious and like to find out more about the girl behind the blog ;)

what's on nov 15

2. Berlin Museums for Kids: What’s on in November

This was a feature I started on request, so I’m very glad to see it’s met with such a positive response. The December issue just missed the Top 5, coming in at 6th place. I have now also created a ‘Berlin Museums for Kids’ Facebook page, where you can keep up with the latest museum news for kids throughout the month, if you are living in or visiting Berlin.


1. Minion Museum of Art

With all the hype last year around the new Minions movie, I’m not surprised this post made it in to the Top 5 – if you haven’t read it yet, check out the photos showing how one of Berlin’s subway stations was turned in to a ‘Minion Museum ofn Art’!

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