Looking Back: Museum Visits in 2015

January 8, 2016


It’s become a bit of a habit now to log my annual museum visits, and the turn of the year is a nice opportunity to reflect back over the past year. And, I confess, I love statistics. For the second year in a row, my total number of museum visits numbered 82! That works out at 1.6 museum visits per week. Those 82 visits were to 61 different museums, in 3 different countries and 10 different cities. 27 of those museums were ones I had visited for the very first time. Not bad, huh? Here are a few pretty graphs to help sum it all up:

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Online Graphing

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*Chart only includes cities with two or more museums. Other cities with just one museum visited were Solingen & Velbert (Germany), Dunoon & Glasgow (Scotland), and Copenhagen.

Top 3 Most Visited Museums

  • Jüdisches Museums Berlin (7 visits) – Down from last year’s record 18 visits, the Jewish Museum Berlin still takes top place, though I suspect now that we no longer live next to it, it may struggle to hold on to it’s top position.
  • National Museum of Scotland (4 visits) & Museum für Kommunikation Berlin (4 visits) – Despite only one trip to Edinburgh this year, we still managed to squeeze in four visits. What can I say, we all love it! It shares second place with Berlin’s Museum for Communication, thanks in part to #MuseumBoy’s increased interest in the robots.
  • Museum für Naturkunde Berlin (3 visits) – Now that we’ve moved house, it’s a little harder to get to Berlin’s Natural History Museum, but the lure of the dinosaurs still helps it to make it in to third place!

And here’s the complete list of museums visited in 2015:

  1. Museum für Kommunikation, Berlin, Germany (Jan, Aug, Oct, Nov)
  2. Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin, Germany (Jan, Oct, Dec)
  3. Jüdisches Museum Berlin, Germany (Jan x2, May x2, June x2, July)
  4. Kunstgewerbemuseum, Berlin, Germany (Feb)*
  5. Kunstbibliothek, Berlin, Germany (Feb)
  6. Kupferstichkabinett, Berlin, Germany (Feb)
  7. Gemäldegalerie, Berlin, Germany (Feb, Oct x2)
  8. Alte Nationalgalerie, Berlin, Germany (Feb)
  9. Neues Museum, Berlin, Germany (Feb)
  10. Deutsches Historisches Museum, Berlin, Germany (Feb, Sep)
  11. Museum in der Kulturbrauerei, Berlin, Germany (Feb)*
  12. Sculpture Park Waldfrieden, Wuppertal, Germany (Mar, Apr)*
  13. Bandweberei Kafka, Wuppertal, Germany (Mar)*
  14. Museum for Early Industrialisation, Wuppertal, Germany (Mar)
  15. Engels House, Wuppertal, Germany (Mar)
  16. Museum of Locks & Fittings, Velbert, Germany (Mar)*
  17. German Blade Museum, Solingen, Germany (Apr)*
  18. Topografie des Terrors, Berlin, Germany (Apr)*
  19. Berlin Story Bunker/Museum, Berlin, Germany (May)*
  20. Trabi Museum, Berlin, Germany (May)*
  21. Bauhaus Archiv Museum für Gestaltung, Berlin, Germany (May)*
  22. Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen, Denmark (May)
  23. East Side Gallery, Berlin, Germany (May)*
  24. Deutsches Technikmuseum, Berlin, Germany (June, Oct)
  25. Science Center Spectrum, Berlin, Germany (June, Oct)
  26. Nikolaikirche, Berlin, Germany (June, Aug)
  27. Ephraim Palais, Berlin, Germany (June)
  28. Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, Berlin, Germany (June)*
  29. Kinemathek Museum für Film & Fernsehen, Berlin, Germany (June)
  30. DDR Motorrad Museum, Berlin, Germany (June)*
  31. Ramones Museum, Berlin, Germany (June)*
  32. Sachsenhausen Memorial and Museum, Oranienburg, Germany (June)*
  33. Gardens of the World, Berlin, Germany (July)*
  34. Museum für Kommunikation Depot, Berlin, Germany (Aug)*
  35. MACHmit! Kindermuseum, Berlin, Germany (Aug)
  36. Archenhold Observatory, Berlin, Germany (Aug)*
  37. Currywurst Museum, Berlin, Germany (Aug)
  38. Ephraim Palais, Berlin, Germany (Aug)
  39. Spy Museum Berlin, Germany (Sep)*
  40. Kelvingrove Museum & Art Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland (Sep)
  41. Castle House Museum, Dunoon, Scotland (Sep)*
  42. The McManus, Dundee, Scotland (Sep)*
  43. Verdant Works, Dundee, Scotland (Sep)*
  44. RRS Discovery, Dundee, Scotland (Sep)*
  45. Victorian Schoolroom, Edinburgh, Scotland (Sep)*
  46. Anatomical Museum, Edinburgh, Scotland (Sep)*
  47. National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland (Sep x3, Oct)
  48. Museum of Fire, Edinburgh, Scotland (Sep)
  49. Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland (Sep, Oct)
  50. Museum of Childhood, Edinburgh, Scotland (Sep)
  51. Surgeon’s Hall Museums, Edinburgh, Scotland (Sep)
  52. Camera Obscura, Edinburgh, Scotland (Oct)
  53. Bode Museum, Berlin, Germany (Oct)
  54. Schwules Museum, Berlin, Germany (Oct)
  55. Märkisches Museum, Berlin, Germany (Nov)
  56. Villa Oppenheim – Museum Charlottenburg Wilmersdorf, Berlin, Germany (Nov)*
  57. Domäne Dahlem, Berlin, Germany (Nov)
  58. NRW Kulturforum, Düsseldorf, Germany (Dec)
  59. Museum Kunstpalast, Düsseldorf, Germany (Dec)*
  60. Museum of European Cultures, Berlin, Germany (Dec)
  61. Ethnological Museum, Berlin, Germany (Dec)

The * denotes museums I visited for the first time

My annual ‘Museum Awards’ will be coming soon – though at such a long list it will be difficult to chose favourites! What were your museum highlights of 2015?


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