A Postcard from…Cologne

November 3, 2015


postcard from Jasmin

Dear Jenni,

I am writing you this postcard from the Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum in Cologne, Germany, where I am attending the Museumsnacht (Museum Night) tonight. My colleague from Long Night of Museums Berlin highly recommended it to me, so I got curious about this museum of ethnology, which re-opened only 5 years ago. Entering the building, I had to hold my breath: What a wide and bright space with ceilings as high as rainforest trees! In the permanent exhibition, all visitors were welcomed by Gamelan musicians and I immediately plunged into a different world. Under the motto “The human in his worlds”, one can dive into 10 different departments, like the “Habitats – Lifeforms: Habitation” where visitors can experience the habitats of the Tuareg or an original ‘men’s house’ from Asmat, West New Guinea. The space around all exhibits is generously placed, so there is a lot of room for visitors to explore different cultures and participate in particular. All departments have awesome stations for children. There are a lot of exhibits that can be touched and are explained in a playful way. I definitely thought about MuseumBoy when I was encouraged to light up the cases by myself to look at the exhibits more clearly. I believe he would love this exhibition a lot. So make sure to visit Cologne with your family some day. It’s totally worth it!

Greetings from the beautiful autumnal Rhineland,

Jasmin works for Long Night of Museums Berlin, the next of which is on 27th August 2016, by the way. You can follow her on Instagram, where she posts photos of Berlin and her travels.

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