Greetings from Mr Hitchcock: Berlin’s Museum für Naturkunde at Night

October 14, 2015


For a while now, I’ve been part of a group of museum professionals from across Berlin, who meet on a regular basis, sometimes for talks and presentations, sometimes just for fun or to visit each other’s museums. Yesterday, we were meeting at the Natural History Museum for an after hours tour. When we arrived, there was a brilliant surprise waiting for us. It wasn’t just a regular tour, it was a torchlight tour!

I’ve actually been on one of these before, but it’s my favourite Berlin museum so I was thrilled to go on another one. And some of the parts we visited were different from last time. I thought I’d just collate my tweets from the night here for you – the photo quality is not great (think iPhone in the dark), but hopefully it will give you a good impression of what it was like. And maybe even whet your appetite – because the best bit is, that they offer these tours for the public too. So if you find yourself in Berlin, you could go on one too!

Have you ever visited a museum in the dark? What was it like?


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