Museum Diary Goes IFA

September 14, 2015


Earlier this month, IFA Berlin – the global trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances – took place once again, and I received a very special invitation in my inbox. The team from sisterMAG, the ‘online journal for the digital lady of today’ for whom I have written a few times, were gathering a group of bloggers from across the board to explore the world famous trade show through a guided tour with them, starting with an exclusive dinner the night before. Having never been to IFA before, and knowing from past experience what a great ‘do’ the sisterMAG team always puts on, I didn’t hesitate to accept the invite to ‘sisterMAG goes IFA’.


On the Friday evening, we gathered at Salumeria Lamuri, an exquisite little Italian restaurant in Berlin Kreuzberg which was open just for us. Catching the last sunlight of the day, we kicked off with drinks outside – a first chance to catch up with familiar faces and swap blog credentials with new ones. It seems there was quite a blog range of bloggers represented, including travel, lifestyle, DIY, fashion and interior design. Of course, I needed little prompting to open up on the wonderful world of museums ;) And we had a little bit of fun, posing with props in front of the photo booth. By the way, all photographs in this blog post were taken by sisterMAG’s house photographer, Christopher Santos (Chris).




The restaurant venue was just wonderful, with a certain rustique charm. I wouldn’t mind coming back there some other time for a nice dinner with #MuseumHusband. And the food was delicious too. I think I ate my body weight in antipasti, then enjoyed a light mixed vegetable gazpacho with goat’s cheese (my gluten free alternative to the pasta being served to the rest of the party), rounded off with a refreshing lemon sorbet. In between the courses, the team from Media Broadcast – the joint hosts of the event and one of the exhibitors at the trade fare – gave some presentations about DVB-T2 products (that’s short for ‘Digital Video Broadcasting – Second Generation Terrestrial’, don’t you know). I also discovered that the ‘Penis Museum’ in Iceland, never fails to be a good ice breaker when chatting to others about museums for the first time :D



The next morning – after successfully managing to find each other in crowds outside the ‘Messe’ exhibition grounds and battling out way in – we reconvened at the Media Broadcast stall, where we were greeted with coffee and juice, sandwiches, muffins and fruit!


After another short introduction to Media Broadcast – especially for those who hadn’t been able to join us the night before – we were off on our guided tour around the vast IFA grounds. It was seriously big! I had been there before last year for the ITB (the trade show for travel and tourism), but it was no where near as crowded, so everything seemed much more intense this time. By the way, my phone didn’t have any reception inside the venue, so I didn’t tweet or Instagram anything, but luckily we had had Chris accompanying us again with his camera!



While it was super crowded, especially around the popular stalls, we still managed to see some super cool stuff – the girls from sisterMAG and Media Broadcast had done a great job of pre selecting. One of the things that really impressed me, where the OLED screens, which I had never heard of before then. Basically, they’re much thinner and lighter than LCD screens, work without a backlight, and can display much deeper black levels. Which in turns makes the other colours stand out a lot more. Seeing the two types of screen side by side made it particularly clear – suddenly the blacks on your ‘regular’ TV screen look kind of grey. The colour contrasts were really stunning. Just imagine any video presentations and at any museum on that kind of screen. That would be awesome! And, you know, if they could be on the same size of screens as at IFA too, that would be a bonus, lol…



3D was all the rage too at the IFA. I’m not a huge fan of 3D films – the curse of glasses wearers – but the 3D printers are kind of cool. You could really see how sophisticated they have become since there were first introduced a couple of years ago. The 3D food printer took it even one step further! Yep, you heard right. A printer printing things in 3D out of food. Cost aside, think of the fun museum cafes and restaurants could have with that – they could print out their collections in 3D made from cookie dough, or chocolate, or red cabbage or whatever! For a multi sensory exhibition experience, you could not just see, hear and touch history, you could eat it too!! And afterwards you could print out a miniature version of yourself at the museum via a 3D scanner, and take yourself home as a souvenir. Sorted! Okay, I may be getting a little carried away now…



At the end of our tour, we stopped off at one of the Siemens kitchen exhibits, where some fellow bloggers were giving a cooking demonstration, before a final look at Samsung’s latest new smart watches. Then one last group photo, before we said our goodbyes. I felt a bit exhausted after that, but it was a great morning! Thank you so much to sisterMAG for inviting me, and to Media Broadcast for the excellent guided tour. And many thanks again to Chris for the great photos!



Note: We were not required to blog about the event in exchange for the invite, I just genuinely had a great time and thought it would a nice way to say thank you. All photographs taken by Cristopher Santos for sisterMAG, and used here by permission. 


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