Music to visit Museums in Berlin by

July 17, 2015


The last few playlists in the series of ‘Music to Visit Museums By‘ have been inspired by types of museums, so I thought it was time for another playlist inspired by a city. Like the previous place inspired list ‘Music to visit Museums in Washington, D.C. by‘, Berlin is a museum lover’s dream. Whether you have the chance to visit Berlin’s wonderful museums, or are dreaming of Berlin’s museums from afar, I hope you enjoy the museum-inspired eclectic selection. I’ve added a note after each of the titles in the playlist about the relevant museum the song is referring to.

Track listing:

  1. On the Museum Island – Emmy the Great (Berlin’s famous ‘Museum Island’)
  2. Painter Song – Norah Jones (a multitude of art galleries and museums)
  3. Nefertiti – Miles Davis (Egyptian Museum & Papyrus Collection at the Neues Museum, home to the famous Nefertiti bust)
  4. Dinosaur – Ke$ha (Natural History Museum, home to the world’s tallest mounted dinosaur skeleton)
  5. I Have a Little Dreidel – Barkenaked Ladies (Jewish Museum Berlin)
  6. Robot Robot -Hafdis Huld (Museum for Communication, where three robots welcome visitors)
  7. Currywurst – Herbert Grönemeyer (Currywurst Museum)
  8. Alphabet Lost And Found – They Might Be Giants (Museum of Letters)
  9. The Hemp Museum – B-Legit (Hemp Museum)
  10. Sugar Sugar – The Archies (Sugar Museum)
  11. Video Games – Lana Del Rey (Computer Games Museum)
  12. Born to Die in Berlin – Ramones (Ramones Museum)
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