A Postcard from…Beijing

June 11, 2015


postcard from beijing

Dear Jenni,

oh my, is the National Museum of China in Beijing impressive! Big doesn’t even begin to describe the entrance hall. It is the perfect place to escape the heat outside and to dive into the amazing history of China. You pass ancient money, in the weirdest of shapes, the most beautiful vases, calligraphy works, patriotic art work with Mao Zedong being a part of pretty much all of them and of course terracota warriors look down on you.
But what I really liked, was the exhibiton of presents politicans and diplomats have brought with them to official meetings in China. You have to wonder what they were thinking by picking out those gifts. President Jimmy Carter gifted two stuffed swans and we Germans seem to lack ideas, as our gift all had the Brandenburger Tor on it.

Best wishes,

P. S. If you bring your passport, foreigners get a free ticket. Pretty much no excuses, right?

Yvonne is the co-founder and organiser of The Hive conference, and I have been excited to hear about her trip to the National Museum of China ever since she told me of her trip. You can see more gorgeous photos and an account of her amazing trip over on Yvonne’s blog! If you too would like to send me a postcard about a favourite museum, please get in touch!

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