A Postcard from…Speyer

May 11, 2015


a postcard from Speyer

Dear Jenni,

as you may remember, I am a true petrol head. Obviously, the “Technik Museum Sinsheim” in Speyer was THE place for me to visit. Cars’n’bikes, trains’n’planes & everything that makes my heart beats faster. Pure heaven! But guess what! Next to the museum, there is the “Wilhelmsbau“! THAT’s a place you should go to! Fashion from the 19th and early 20th century, toys, dolls and countless other things. Have you listened to self-playing musical instruments? It’s hilarious!

See ya in Dublin

Christian is a blogger from Germany, you can find him over at ‘chris und der pott‘. We met at The Hive, which will be held in Dublin next year. If you too would like to send me a postcard about a favourite museum, please get in touch!

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