Flower Atlas

March 10, 2015


flower atlas prints

My mum helps to run a monthly book sale at church. It’s really popular, because they sell most of the books at just 25 cents per cm of spine width, so you can pick up some absolute bargains, especially on paper backs which are usually only a few cm thick. Special editions, rarities etc get individually priced, but are usually still a good deal. We arrived in Wuppertal just before the most recent sale, and I thus had the chance to look through all the books in advance, before the hoards descended. As soon as I spotted these gorgeous prints, which were originally part of a ‘flower atlas’ set, I knew I had to have them. Especially when I read they were from the Botanical Museum in Berlin!

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  1. Barbara Cortili Says:

    Hi Jenny, I am currently working on a creative project involving seasons and flowers and I can’t say how much this terrific post has been a huge help to find inspiration! These flower atlas look amazing. Thank you for sharing such beautiful things!


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