March 6, 2015


You may be wondering, why I’m starting this post with a photograph of Wuppertal’s infamous monorail. For those of you who recognised it, sorry, there is no Schwebebahn Museum! But let me back peddle a bit to explain.


In Germany, we have the saying “Erstens kommt es anders, und zweitens als man denkt.” Which roughly translates to, “Firstly, things turn out differently, and secondly, than you think.” And so, instead of enjoying my maternity leave with #MuseumBaby strapped to my chest, ticking off all those Berlin museums on my “must finally visit” list while #MuseumBoy is at nursery, I find myself in Wuppertal, taking daily trips to the pirate ship play park and pushing a pram up and down the steepest street inclines this side of San Francisco until my legs hurt.


With the hysteria around Berlin’s current measles epidemic reaching pitch point, and parents being advised to avoid public transport, shops, cafes, crowds etc, we took the spur of the moment decision that I would spend a few weeks with the #MuseumBrothers at my parents’ in Wuppertal, leaving #MuseumHusband behind in Berlin to look after things, since he has to work and I currently don’t. Museums are a little thinner on the ground here in Wuppertal, but even though there are a few gems to discover, I don’t know if I will a) find the time to visit them and b) find the time to write about them (or any of the others museums I have still to blog about), as I now have both boys with me all of the time. Of course, my parents are lending a hand where they can, but they have their own lives to go about too and my blog is, understandably, not one of their priorities.


So, in case you have been wondering why it’s been a bit quieter around here lately, that’s the reason. The timing is a bit unfortunate, with The Hive coming up in a month – *the* annual event for bloggers in Europe – and everyone checking out each others blogs in advance. It’s kind of the time you want to be showing off some of your best stuff, instead of looking like you’ve abandoned ship, but at least now they’ve find this post to give a bit of an explanation :)

I will try to drop in a blog post here and there, but I’m not going to stress about it. Instead, I’m going to focus on my boys and making sure we have a good time together on our unexpected hiatus. Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned from The Hive (this will be my fourth year attending!) it’s this: blogging should not become a chore! That and, if life gives you lemons, bake a lemon cheesecake ;)

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  1. Stefan Says:


    Wuppertal… da kann man den kleinen Museumsmännern die Geschichte von Tuffi erzählen, ein großer Erfolg seinerzeit bei uns!

    Viele Grüße,


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