February 9, 2015


Calling all museum lovers! (and if you are reading this blog, chances are you like museums at least a little). Over at Museum140, we’ve just launched a fun museum challenge for 2015, together with fellow blogger Museum Minute. Whether you are someone for whom a week doesn’t go by without visiting at least one museum in their home town, or someone who reserves visiting museums as a holiday pursuit; whether you enjoy taking part in guided tours and events, or are strictly a ‘go at your own pace’ kind of visitor – we invite you to join us for a round of #MuseumBingo!

MuseumBingo Scorecard

Taking part is really easy! Whenever you complete one of the squares on the Museum Bingo scorecard*, just tweet about it using the hashtag #MuseumBingo, saying which square it is. If you’d like to share a photo too, that would be great – just post it directly to Twitter, or on another channel such as Instagram and then just share the link. Or if you have a blog, you could blog about it and share the link.

We realise some of the squares may overlap – e.g. you visit an art museum for the first time while on holiday in South America – so the challenge is to try and get a different museum for each square!


If you are not on Twitter but would still like to take part, you are welcome to post on your blog or other social media sites (Facebook, Instagram etc) – just let me know, and Museum140 will tweet about it for you :)

And, if you manage to complete an entire row – or even the whole scorecard?! –  don’t forget to shout BINGO!

Download Bingo Scorecard

*Since this a challenge for the whole year, you can also retrospectively count any squares you may have completed since January.

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