The Museum Oskars 2015 – My Winners

February 6, 2015


All through January, museum lovers have been voting for their favourite museums in a number of categories, in Museum140’s second “Museum Oskars“. This week, all the results were announced, so now it’s time to share with you who my museum winners of the past year are.

Museum Oskars 2015 Round 1

Best Special Exhibition

Andante” at Cisternerne, Copenhagen

This underground cave is one of the most unusual exhibition spaces I’ve ever seen, and the wax sculptures in the “Andante” exhibition were perfect for the setting. Honorable mention also to “Mammoths of the Ice Age” at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, which made the topic exciting for all ages.

Best Interactive Experience

Science Center Spectrum, Berlin

This category is intentionally called ‘best interactive experience’ rather than ‘most interactive’, because quantity is not always the deciding factor, but the Science Center Spectrum manages to deliver on both accounts. Honorable mention also to the MACHmit Kindermuseum, Berlin, with its exhibition about fairy tales, and the Currywurst Museum, Berlin – a multi-sensory exhibit where you can look, listen, touch, smell and taste!

Best Event

Museum Marathon Berlin

One city, nine hours, 15km, 26 museums – what more can I say! Honorable mention also to ‘Night of the Mammoth’ at the National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh, yet another awesome late night event. 

Museum Oskars 2015 Round 2

Best Effort for Accessibility

Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen

They do a fantastic job of making art accessible to all, especially families and young children. Honorable mention also to Andrew Carnegie Birthplace Museum in Dunfermline, Scotland, for creating alternative solutions via photos and sound recordings for people to access the parts of the historical building that can’t be adapted to physically impaired visitors.

Most Family Friendly Venue

National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh

You’re probably all sick of hearing me say how much I love the National Museum of Scotland, but it just feels like a museum that’s thought of all ages and family members, from their Magic Carpet sessions for 0-2 year olds, to their late night events just for adults. Families are truly welcome here. And while a children’s museum should be expected to be family friendly and is therefore may an unfair contender, honorable mention also goes to the MACHmit Kindermuseum, Berlin.

Friendliest Staff Experience

Buchstabenmuseum, Berlin

Many museums opened their doors to us and welcomed us during our Museum Marathon through Berlin, but when our route was cut off due to a big demonstration, the Buchstabenmuseum harboured us while we figured out what to do next, and supplied us with refreshments.

Museum Oskars 2015 Round 3

 Best Audio Guide

Tränenpalast, Berlin

I didn’t really use any audio guides last year, but I found the audio stations at the Tränenpalast in Berlin, with their eye witness accounts, very moving.

Best Cafe/ Restaurant

Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh

Great selection of lunch time food, not just the usual sandwiches. And several gluten free cake options! Honorable mention also to the Museum of Copenhagen  for its beautiful vintage tearoom setting and great selection of tea.

Best Shop

Designmuseum Danmark, Copenhagen

Where to start? I want it all! Honorable mention also to the Museum of Childhood, Edinburgh – so many great toys. Especially loved the vintage spinning tops!

Museum Oskars 2015 Round 4 

Biggest ‘WOW’ Moment

Cisternerne, Copenhagen

Descending in to the dark underground cave, then walking towards the flickering lights and discovering the wax sculptures – amazing! Honorable mention also to the Nazi Forced Labour Documentation Centre in Berlin for a very different kind of ‘wow’ and realising the extent of a part of my countries history I knew very little about.

Best ‘Hidden Gem’ Discovery

I made a big effort last year to seek out some of the lesser known museums and hidden gems of Berlin, making it impossible to chose just one. Here are my two favourites:

Police Museum, Berlin – An amazing collection on the history of the police in Germany and Berlin, literally hidden in the basement level of the Berlin Police HQ

U-Bahn Museum, Berlin – Everything you ever wanted to know about Berlin’s underground transit railway!

Personal Favourite of the Year

With over 80 museums to chose from last year, it seems like an almost impossible task to settle on a favourite. Again, I will have to give out a joint award here: one for overall favourite, and one for my favourite out of the museums I visited for the first time.

National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh

No surprises for the overall favvourite. The National Museum of Scotland just has it all: a stunning building, amazing exhibitions, friendly staff, a lovely cafe, a great shop, and the best interests of families and visitors of all ages at heart. Honorable mentions also to the Museum für Naturkunde, my all time favourite in Berlin, and the Jüdisches Museum Berlin, our ‘go to’ museum for Sunday afternoons.

Medical Museion, Copenhagen

Out of all the museums I visited for the first time last year (26 in total), this was my favourite – a must for anyone who likes to visit medical history museums. 


So those were my favourite museums of the past year. As I mentioned, it was very difficult to chose, and there were many more fabulous museums among those that didn’t make the final cut. I would give them all an award! What were your favourite museums of the past year?



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