Quote of the Week #5

December 15, 2014


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This quote is part of a longer passage, which deserves to be mentioned here in full:

“No, I don’t go anywhere these days. What’s the point, I ask you? You never have enough time to understand what you’re seeing, and I can’t stand only half knowing thing. Trying to visit an art gallery in a couple of hours is stupid. Two hours, that’s hardly enough for me to taking in a single painting. No, I’m not exaggerating. Oh, well, perhaps you, when you look at a picture, you’re just happy to let your feelings respond to colours arranged in a certain order. That kind of romantic swooning isn’t my cup of tea. No, no. I have to have all the possible information, about even the tiniest pictures. That’s the way I am, I have to know everything; the painter’s biography, where his studio was, what were the technical conditions, who commissioned the painting, the political context, the aesthetic quarrels of the day, how the paints are chemically composed – everything. No, I can’t stand having just a smattering of superficial knowledge.”


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  1. Ines Says:

    Gut, dass es solche und solche Menschen gibt – ich bin nämlich tatsächlich immer sehr schnell durch mit Galerien…


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