Christmas Gift Guide 2014

December 12, 2014


With only 12 days left until Christmas (or 13, depending on whether you celebrate Christmas Eve or Christmas Day), I’ve put together a last minute gift guide with some ideas for the museum lovers in your life.

Museum Diary Christmas Gift Guide 2014

1. This museum heist set from Lego City* may say it’s recommended for ages 6-12, but as someone who ones this myself I can tell you that not only kids will love this ;) Playmobil* also do some museum heist themed sets.

2. There’s nothing better on cold, grey winter days than snuggling down to a good movie with a big mug of hot chocolate. For museum lovers, there’s a whole host of movies featuring museums to chose from. How to Steal a Million and The Thomas Crown Affair* are two of my favourites.

3. Dinosaurs are always a big winner when it comes to museums, so how about a cuddly dinosaur for any museum loving kids? #MuseumBoy loves to cuddle up with this Stegosaurus* at bedtime.

4. I don’t know about you, but I always loved doing jigsaw puzzles in the Christmas holidays. For museum lovers, there’s a variety of puzzles depicting famous artworks to chose from, such as Munch’s Scream*.

5. I have to admit, I haven’t really read that many museum themed books for grown ups, but #MuseumBoy has a collection of kids museum books featuring an array of animals including cats, mice and rabbits. One of our favourites is Maisy Goes to the Museum*.

6. And, finally, if you enjoy a bit of DIY, why not make a gift instead of buying one. This hnefatafl games set is easy to make and folds up small so is great for travelling too, e.g. if you’re going away for Christmas. You can also find some other museum themed DIY ideas in the Museum Craft Corner.

*Please note that these links will take you through to my Amazon Associates store. If you purchase anything via these links, I will receive a small percentage. In the store, you will also find further suggestions for museum themed movies, children’s books and gift ideas.

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