{Kids in Museums} Let’s visit the Jewish Museum Berlin!

November 19, 2014

Kids in Museums, Germany

For some people, the Jewish Museum Berlin may seem an unusual choice to visit with a toddler, but it remains one of #MuseumBoy’s  Top 3 museums in Berlin! Admittedly, we have been told off once for being too loud in the Holocaust memorial section in the basement level, but if you head to the permanent exhibition on the upper floors which present the remaining 2000 years of Jewish history, it’s no different from taking your kids to any other history museum In fact, it’s better than many other history museums because they have really taken the effort to include elements in most of the galleries that appeal to children without specifically turning it in to a ‘children’s museums’ or dumbing it down for other visitors. We always enjoy our visits there, and these days it’s usually #MuseumBoy who instigates the visits to the galleries and not just the gardens -“I want to go to the yellow museum!” is a common phrase at weekends in our household.

Still not convinced? Well, in this short video (4 minutes) we show you just how much fun a four year old can have at the Jewish Museum Berlin!

Let’s visit the Jewish Museum Berlin! from Jenni Fuchs on Vimeo.

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  1. Lucia Sandaal Weddingdesign Says:

    Lovely video, as a mother of two 3-year olds I enjoyed watching it very much.
    They’re little explorers just like your son and the museum looks like real fun.
    Thanks for sharing!


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