Something for the Weekend #3

November 15, 2014


My blogger friend Anne, of Anne’s Kitchen fame, is not only an accomplished cook and food blogger, but also a published author – she’s just won the Luxembourg Book Prize for best non-fiction book –  and has her own TV show in her native Luxembourg. Museum fans may enjoy the most recent episode of her current show, which aired last night and features none other than the Currywurst Museum in Berlin! And if that isn’t enough for museum fans, it features the DDR Museum too. You can watch the episode below, or hop on over to Anne’s video channel on Vimeo for all previous episodes in the series. And for more on the Currywurst Museum, check out my previous blog most: “More than just a sausage!” And for more on the DDR museum, there’s this previous blog post: DDR Museum

Episode 7: Berlin / German Classics from Anne’s Kitchen TV on Vimeo.


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