October 29, 2014


I wasn’t really planning to do a specific Hallowe’en post this year, but since Culture Themes is celebrating all things Museums + Hallowe’en today (hashtag: #MusHalloween), I thought I’d have a rummage through my archive of museum photographs to see if I could find anything Hallowe’en related. Here are my five favourite pics I found:

Halloween 03

A beautifully hand-painted skull mask from the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C.

Halloween 05

At the Wuppertaler Uhrenmuseum (Engl: Wuppertal Clock Museum) you will find clocks of all kinds of shapes and sizes, including this skull shaped pocket sand clock.

Halloween 02

These miniature coffins at the National Museum of Scotland were found on Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh in 1836. It’s unknown what their purpose was or why they were buried there, but they have been the subject of speculation ever since [read more about the coffins].

Halloween 01

Also at the National Museum of Scotland, you’ll find a complete set of Harry Potter books – a very popular character at Hallowe’en – including translations in different languages.

Halloween 04

And finally, I thought this rather creepy mummified head from the Vienna Crime Museum was perfectly suited to Hallowe’en. In fact, the whole museum is rather creepy in places and worth a visit if you’re interested in death and gruesome murders (they don’t hold back with the crime scene images at the museum!).

I  can also recommend my past blog post to you which gives a bit of the cultural background of Hallowe’en, which actually originated from the Celts and – when I was a kid in Scotland, you still had to sing for your candy, none of this American ‘trick or treat’ nonsense ;) So, happy #MusHalloween everyone, and happy Hallowe’en when it comes around!

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