Something for the Weekend #2

August 1, 2014


So, how is everyone? Are you enjoying the summer? The weather in Berlin has been a little bit too hot for our Scottish sensibilities, but thankfully things are starting to cool down a little. We’ve been busy preparing for a visit from my parents next week, but I found the time to gather together a few fun museum related links for you to check out over the weekend:

Tate Colour Quiz

Tate Colour Quiz



Think you know your colours? Inspired by their exhibition on Matisse’s colourful cut-outs, the Tate challenges you to see if you can identify 18 popular artworks based just on their colour palettes!

Van Gogh Yourself

van gogh yourself



Anyone who loves photo projects will enjoy this site. Browse through other people’s recreations of famous paintings, or gather your friends and submit your own!

One MET. Many Worlds.

one met many worlds



Another photo project you can join in. Choose from hundreds of the MET’s collection highlights to create pairs, add some witty or creative captions, and post them in the online visitor gallery.

Smithsonian Summer Showdown

smithsonian summer showdown



The various branches of the Smithsonian are engaging in a little friendly summer rivalry, to find the ultimate iconic object to represent the Smithsonian. In the first round, you get to vote for your favourites from the categories science, culture, history and art, but as the showdown progresses to the final round, you’ll have to start making some more difficult choices!

Have a great weekend, everyone! 

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