July 30, 2014


Everyone knows that cats rule the internet. It’s no different in the world of museums, as you will know if you follow the account @CuratorialCats and their hashtags #MuseumCats, #MewseumMonday and #MewseumSelfie on Twitter.

Curatorial Cats on Twitter

Today, @CultureThemes is giving #MuseumCats a boost by hosting it as one of their monthly themes. Time to dig out some museum cats from my archives!

Last year, I found myself in the interesting position of visiting not one, but two cat museums! And even more interestingly, both museums house private collections, were founded by cat lovers, and have the owners living in the same building on a different floor.

katten kabinet entrance sign

The Kleines Katzenmuseum in Berlin was opened just over ten years ago, and is centred around a collection of over 1000 porcelain cats, as well as cat collectibles in every other shape or form imaginable. Visits are by appointment only, though the owner hosts a doors open day once a year. You can read more about the museum in this post: Here Kitty, Kitty

photo (21)

The Katten Kabinet in Amsterdam is a little older, dating back to 1990, and was founded in memory of a ginger tom cat named J.P. Morgan. Its focus is works of art depicting cats, offering “a wide look at the role of the cat in art and in culture through the centuries”, and also includes some eclectic pieces such as a cat pinball table. They even have some real museum cats to great you at the door! If they’re not sleeping that is… You can read and see more photos from the museum here: The Katten Kabinet

katten kabinet cats

Have you ever visited a cat museum? I’d love to hear about it! And don’t forget, you can follow the hashtag #MuseumCats on Twitter for more feline museum fun.

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