{Germany} Botanical Gardens Berlin

July 4, 2014


We’re in for a hot weekend in Berlin, so in honour of summer I’ve got a nice outdoor tip to share with you today: the Botanical Gardens in Berlin Dahlem.


The Gardens are considered one of the largest and most important botanic gardens in the world, due both to their size (126 acres!) as well as the over 20,o00 different species of plants. The vision of the Gardens’ first director, Adolf Engler in 1889, was to create “Die Welt in einem Garten” (Engl: The world in a single garden) for the public and today, over 100 years later, the Botanical Gardens Berlin still carry this vision forward, welcoming around half a million visitors each year.





Here’s a description of the Gardens from their website in their own words, which I think sums up our experience there quite nicely:

The Botanic Garden is a magical place that speaks to all your senses. Plunge in this green oasis, relax at the lakeside, walk along picturesque trails – in our Garden nature always has a season .




If you want to get away from the hot, bustling city centre, then the Botanic Garden Berlin is indeed a perfect green oasis to escape to. Various S-Bahn trains, U-Bahn subway trains, and buses also make it easy to get to by public transport (details available on the Garden’s website). There is an admission fee to get in to the gardens, but at the size of it you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. There’s also a Botanical Museum on site – check back next week when I’ll be introducing the museum to you!







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