{Germany} Sunday Morning at the “Auto Museum”

June 17, 2014

Kids in Museums, Germany

After much begging throughout the week, we headed to the German Museum of Technology on Sunday morning at #MuseumBaby’s request – or the “Auto Museum”,  as likes to call it.  Not that anyone ever has to beg with me to visit a museum, but there were other pressing things to attend to during the week such as, you know, going to work!





Anyway, when he says he wants to go to the “Auto Museum”, what he really means is “I want to go and sit in the Trabant for as long as I can”. This is the object of his affection:



The husband and I took it in turns to ride shotgun with him – and to ensure other kids got a chance to sit in the car too – while the other one of us had a look around the exhibition “Man on the move – underway with Auto & Co”, which is where said Trabant car is located, in one of the outlying buildings of the museum. The photos in this post are all from that one exhibition – don’t the vintage cars look gorgeous! It’s also interesting to see old and new cars juxtaposed (such as the two race cars second from the top above) and to see cool stuff like engines, propellers and a car that’s been cut in half to show you what it looks like inside (see below)!





We did eventually persuade the boy to have a little look around the rest of the exhibition – interspersed with dashes back to the Trabant, well, they don’t call it an obsession for nothing! – then coaxed him over to the main museum building with promises of “Würstchen with Ketchup” for lunch. From there we had a good starting point to explore the engine shed with its big locomotives after lunch (some of while you can walk under or climb aboard), and then we discovered the local model boat association was having an activity day outside in the museum park, with lots of model boats – including a fire service one with a real water spouting hose – were being demonstrated. I think #MuseumBaby must have spent at least an hour watching them – if only he had the capacity to sit still or concentrate on other things for such a length of time!




After a total of 5 (!) hours at the museum, we called it a day and dragged the boy home amidst tears anf promises to come back to the “Auto Museum” very soon. Can you believe for once it was the parents that were bored (though in our defence, we also had some chores waiting at home) – oh, the irony!

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