How to Handle a Heatwave

June 9, 2014


Since Saturday, Berlin has been experiencing a heatwave, with temperatures of around 35C each day, which is forecast to last until at least tomorrow. It’s been too hot to think, let alone blog. We spent the mornings at our local open air swimming pool – a very popular summer past time in Germany – but by noon it got too overcrowded. Instead, we sought refuge this afternoon in the shady gardens of the Jewish Museum Berlin.


Under a breezy canopy of leafy trees with a cool lemonade to hand, the heat immediately seemed much easier to cope with. As a bonus, it was no where near as crowded as the outdoor pool. Though speaking of pools, it was very tempting to jump in to the water fountain, but we stayed on our best behaviour and were content with the cooling spray coming off it instead.


I could easily have spent all afternoon dozing in one of the museum’s deck chairs, but alas, little children were not made to sit or lie still for any lengthy period of time, so eventually we had to call it a day. If tomorrow is anything near as hot as it was today, I may return to the gardens and the deck chairs for a sneaky hour after work though!


If you’re not lucky enough to have or live near a nice, shady garden, visiting a museum or gallery itself is often another good option on hot days. Many are quite cool – especially art galleries, and also the wet collections at the Berlin Natural History Museum – as the objects or specimens need to be kept at certain temperatures. However you choose to keep cool on hot days, stay safe and keep hydrated!

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  1. Amy Dale Says:

    I never appreciated trees as much as when I experienced my first Australian Summer! Any time I left the house, I spent my time moving between patches of shade. I also noticed on hot days museums would tweet about how nice and cool their air conditioning was to encourage people to visit :-)


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