{Scotland} Exploring Animals at the National Museum of Scotland

April 7, 2014

Kids in Museums, Scotland

Whenever we go on a family holiday back home to Edinburgh, we end up spending a lot of time at the National Museum of Scotland (okay, admittedly, I end up spending a lot of time there too even if I go to Edinburgh on my own). I’ve previously waxed lyrical about their fabulous Imagine gallery, and pointed out some things that little motor heads and train lovers will enjoy. This time, it’s all about the animals!

There are plenty of animals at the National Museum of Scotland. In fact, there are three galleries, stacked on top of one another, with little else: Animal World (ground floor), Animal Senses (first floor) and Survival (second floor). The most impressive of all, however, has to be the array of animals which starts on the ground floor gallery, and rises up to the full height of the building through the middle of the other atrium galleries.

Animal World from the floor above

Also on the second floor, is the interactive family gallery ‘Adventure Planet‘. Here, one of the highlights for #MuseumBaby was uncovering a dinosaur skeleton at the Dino Dig!

There’s also loads of buttons to press and flaps to lift, giving prize to things such as animals noises and different kinds of evidence that help you guess which animal is hiding behind the clues.

One of the activities #MuseumBaby was most fascinated with, was a computer interactive where you got to design your own fish, then let it loose in a virtual environment to see if would camouflage well enough to avoid being eaten by the shark. He then decided to test, how well he himself would camouflage :)

Other animal favourites at the museum include feeling the sounds that blue whales make, and pressing the buttons (it’s an emerging theme…) to compare the hearing ranges of humans and several other animals, both of which you can find in the ‘Animal Senses’ gallery.

There are loads of other animal related activities to explore at the National Museum of Scotland, such as testing your sense of smell, a computer game simulating the reintroduction of wolves, racing against some other animals on an exercise bike, seeing how you measure up on the animal weigh-in, and more. Check out the links at the beginning of this post for a more detailed review of each of the four galleries.

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