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March 28, 2014

Kids in Museums, Denmark

I have a thing for postal museums. The Smithsonian National Postal Museum is not only my favourite museum in Washington, D.C. but also one of my favourite museums world wide. So ever since I heard about the Post & Tele Museum in Copenhagen, I knew I just had to visit it! Having heard from my friend Mel, who lives in Copenhagen, that it is also a great museum to visit with kids, it was top of our list for our family holiday. After all, Postman Pat is #MuseumBaby’s hero, so the subject matter is kind of a family favourite all round.

Post & Tele Museum Costumes

The fun started when we entered the museum, and immediately posed for some photo ops with famous stamps in the foyer. Don’t you think I make a great Little Mermaid? Haha.

Post & Tele Museum Stamp Photo

From there we took the lift up to the main, permanent exhibition. I thought the old postal coach was a real ‘Wow!’ object as you came out the lift, though #MuseumBaby was more interested in the car. And disappointed that you weren’t allowed to sit in either!

Post & Tele Museum Postkutsche

Post & Tele Museum Van

But there were plenty of other things for young visitors that you *were* allowed to do, such as climb aboard a postal boat…

Post & Tele Museum Ice Boat

Post & Tele Museum Mail Bags

…and the many telephones on display in the ‘Tele’ part of the museum never seem to get boring for kids.

Post & Tele Museum Telephones

Post & Tele Museum Switchboard

Post & Tele Museum Coast Radio

In a museum such as this, there are so many things and ways to draw connections to our own everyday experience. We may not have a telephone exchange at home, but we call Granny or Oma and Opa on Skype instead. And sending postcards back home to friends and family from your holiday, even in the digital age still seems to be a shared experience.

Post & Tele Museum Postcards

And watching the little model train run up and down its track at the press of a button was a bit of winner too:

Post & Tele Museum Model Train

However, by far the most singly best exhibit in the museum’s main exhibition – and this is something we all agreed on – were the telephone boxes. Not only were you allowed to go in them. Not only could you lift the receiver and press the buttons. No, you could also use them to call each other across the museum! There were four different phone boxes from four different historical times placed around the museum, some but not all of which were in sight of each other. Inside each one, you could press the relevant numbers to connect to one of the other boxes. We had endless fun calling each other from box to box, running around the museum to find the right box that was ringing. Just brilliant!

Post & Tele Museum Phoneboxes

As well as the main exhibition and a space for temporary exhibits, the museum also has an area dedicated just to kids – ‘Into the Stamp’ on one side has a little town of houses, including of course  post office, where kids can dress up as a postie, empty the letter boxes around ‘town’, and deliver the mail. It was just so perfect, I wanted to take it right home with me!




On the other side, it had some kind of magical underwater, seaside landscape with a boat, nets and trees, for the kids to run, climb and hide in. And in the middle of it all, was a large construction with tunnel slides coming off it in several directions. Where would you come out? In the first photo of the kids section above, you can just see #MuseumBaby waiting at the exit of one of the tunnel slides.


Although #MuseumBaby really enjoyed the rest of the museum too, I’m glad we went to the kids section last, because he didn’t want to leave. We practically had to drag him away at closing time, under much protest. Oh, what a wonderful wonderful museum all round. The cafe was amazing too, with great food and amazing roof top views, but I will tell you more about that another day. I think I want to live in Copenhagen and work at the Post & Tele Museum…

Edit (Nov 2015): The museum is relocating! The permanent exhibition closed in summer 2015, with the kids exhibit ‘Into the Stamp’ remaining open until the end of the year. The museum will move to a new location in Østerbro, in central Copenhagen, and will reopen there at a date yet to be determined. I can’t wait to hear more about it – and I really hope they the working phone boxes! You can keep up with the museum’s latest new on their website and blog.

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