{Scotland} Night of the Mammoth

March 10, 2014


As I mentioned last week, I’ve just spent a short break in Scotland, mostly in Edinburgh. Other than haggis hunting in Dunfermline, one of the highlights was the ‘Night of the Mammoth’ at the National Museum of Scotland on the Friday night. It was one in their series of adult only late night events, which usually centre around the theme of the current exhibition – ‘Mammoths of the Ice Age’, in this case. As always, the main hall of the museum was transformed for the occasion.

nmslates mammoth night lights

nmslates night of the mammoth hall

One of my best friends from Edinburgh was my ‘date’ for the night, and after strengthening ourselves with mammoth burgers (pulled pork in a bun – gluten free option included!) at the museum’s Brasserie beforehand, we threw ourselves in to the evening with much enthusiasm. We were a bit too slow to snap up one of the limited tickets for the mammoth murder mystery session, but had great fun letting out our inner child and designing mammoth masks. Very therapeutic.

nmslates mammoth mask making

Don’t you think  my mammoth looks just like me?

nmslates mammoth mask lookalike

The bar for the night – complete with faux glaciers and icebergs – offered such fun cocktails as ‘Ice Age Cooler’ and ‘Furry Apple’. Since they only sold them in pitchers though, we stuck to beer and wine. But if we have another Museum Cocktail Week this year, you never know, they might make another appearance ;)

nmslates ice bar

Of course, being a museum, it wasn’t just about cocktails and craft sessions, there were also some museum handling objects to explore. The ‘Mammoths of the Ice Age’ exhibition was also open, but as we’d both already seen it we gave it a miss on this occasion (keep your eyes open for a review here on the blog soon!).

nmslates mammoth handling objects

nmslates survival selfie

The evening continued as we posed with some mammoths and crafted out very own 3D mammoth badges. And in between we took a break from all the mammoths by challenging each other on the reaction wall in the Connect! gallery.

nmslates mammoth badge making

nmslates band playing

The entire evening was accompanied by bands playing in the main hall, and a flash mob of cave dancers who periodically popped up kept everyone entertained with their performance of ‘Ice Ice Baby’. Overall, the atmosphere was incredible.  As with previous late nights events, such as ‘Night of the Vikings‘ and ‘Night of the Mummy‘, there was so much to do we couldn’t actually fit it all in. There were also various talks in the Auditorium, a chill-out zone with ‘Happy Hippo’ games, installations from Edinburgh College of Art, face painting and perennial favourite, the silent disco. My overall verdict for the night – once again, totally worth flying in from Berlin for!!

nmslates silent disco

(Photos of me by Sheena Muncie)


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