{Germany} Things In Jars

February 27, 2014


As you’ll know by now, if you saw the video interview with me about my favourite museums in Berlin, I’m a big fan of the Museum für Naturkunde (Engl: Natural History Museum). Not only do they have an entire hall full of dinosaurs and uber-sized models of giant insects, they also let the visiting public take a peek inside their wet collections. Comprising around one million zoological objects in 276,000 vials, preserved in 81,880 litres of ethanol, the collections are of immense scientific and cultural value*. During a recent visit, I heard other visitors describe them as a “cabinet of horrors” and “shit, this looks like something out of Harry Potter”, but to someone who will willingly handle a tarantula or let a giant millipede walk up their arm, there is only one word to describe them – awesome!!

MfN Wet Collection 02

MfN Wet Collection 04

MfN Wet Collection 01

MfN Wet Collection 07

MfN Wet Collection 05

MfN Wet Collection 06

MfN Wet Collection 03

*Information taken from the museum’s website.

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