{Denmark} Tivoli Gardens

February 5, 2014


Tivoli Gardens isn’t a museum as such, but as the world’s second oldest operating amusement park, it is a piece of living history and worth a mention. Known simply as ‘Tivoli’, the world famous amusement park and pleasure garden was opened in 1843 and included a variety of attractions right from the beginning.

Tivoli Chinese Tower

Today, Tivoli hosts a number of fairground rides and games, situated amongst the beautiful 21 acre park which includes several landscapes flowerbeds and a large lake in which fireworks reflect at night. It’s not just your run of the mill amusement park though, as there is also a series of theatres and concert halls with a varied programme to chose from, afore mentioned firework displays throughout the year, a string of restaurants and shops, not to forget the amazing exotic architecture. Tivoli also prides itself on its more than 100,000 lights which make the part sparkle.

Tivoli Peacock Palace

As well as modern day amusement park rides with terrifying names such as Vertigo, Monsoon of The Demon, you will also find old fashioned favourites such as a ferris wheel, love boats on the lake, and a bumper car pavilion. The youngest visitors will enjoy the vintage cars (we could not get #MuseumBaby to leave!) and, best of all, the beautiful classic carousels. I’ve captured one of the carousel rides here on video for you, I guarantee feelings of nostalgia!

Tivoli Carousel Horses

Incidentally, the world’s oldest operating amusement park – Dyrehavsbakken – is also located in Denmark, not far from Copenhagen. It opened in 1583.

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