{Denmark} Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

January 10, 2014


Another post from Copenhagen today. The Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek had been on my radar ever since several people had recommended it, and the impressive building in the centre of town is hard to miss.

Glyptotek Entrance

If you visit their website, it takes a moment to get a handle on what the museum is actually about. On the home page you find out they have an “outstanding collection” of French Masterpieces, and the “largest collection of ancient art in Scandinavia”. They also had a modern art exhibition on at the time. So it’s an art museum?! But when you start browsing, you discover that the collections also include artefacts from the ancient cultures of the Mediterranean, a.k.a. “really cool stuff from the Ancients Egyptians, Greeks and Romans!” (my interpretation). So it’s a history museum?! Actually, it’s both – or possibly just a matter of definition, as ancient sculptures are, of course, also works of art whilst to others it’s paintings that spring to mind when they hear the term. So whether you’re after some Monet or Degas, or if instead it’s Egyptian sarcophagi and Roman coins that float your boat, this Glyptotek offers something for a wide range of interests.

But the main attraction, to most, are neither the art not the antiquities, but the impressive winter garden at the heart of the museum. There’s also a café there, which was named as one of the museum cafés with the “most unique or amazing setting” in a previous Twitter chat about museum cafés. I want to dedicate a separate post to it at a later date, but here’s a glimpse to see what all the fuss is about:

Glyptotek Greenhouse 01

Truly stunning! And the perfect setting for Sunday lunch or afternoon tea, which was exactly out reason for heading there in the first place. However, once there we couldn’t resist taking a look round some of the exhibitions too. Since #MuseumBaby was a bit restless at this point, we only had a quick peek at the antiquities, though older kids would no doubt be delighted by the Ancient Egyptian and Roman displays and they also put on children’s workshops sometimes during the holidays.

Incidentally, “Glyptotek”apparently means “a repository for sculpture”, which is quite apt considering the number of sculptures on display in both the art and antiquity sections. Apparently the museum’s founder, brewing magnate Carl Jacobsen, was emulating King Ludwig of Bavaria, who opened a “Glyptothek” of ancient sculptures in Munich 50 years prior. You can find out more about the history of the museum on their website. Here is a small selection of some of the beautiful sculptures on display right next to the café.

Glyptotek Statues 05

Glyptotek Statues 04

Glyptotek Statues 02

Glyptotek Statues 01

Glyptotek Statues 03

Opening Times: Tuesdays – Sundays, closed on Mondays (check for public holiday closures)

Admission: Admission fee applies to anyone aged 18 or over, kids go free. Free admission to all on Sundays!

Pushchair Policy: You aren’t allowed to bring your pushchair in to the museum, and must park it outside. You can chain it to the fence if there’s space and makes you feel more secure (that’s what we did). Remember to bring a lock and a rain cover, if necessary. You can borrow a pushchair from the museum.

Photography: Photography for private use is allowed throughout the museum (without flash or tripod), unless otherwise stated.

WiFi? None.

Food: You can bring and eat out own food in the basement packed lunch area. Café Glyptoteket offers a children’s menu.



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  1. Elisa Says:

    oh my stars, what an amazing place! I was going to comment on that incredible indoor garden, but when I saw the sculptures… This looks fantastic. Thank you Jenni, for sharing this – I saved it in my Copenhagen bookmark folder so I can visit when I go back!



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