The Museum Oskars 2014

January 6, 2014


Museum Oskars 2014

I mentioned in my previous post, that my annual ‘Museum Awards’ will be coming soon. In fact, they’ve received a bit of a makeover and are now part of our Museum140 portfolio! For the first time this year, it won’t just be me sharing my favourite museum selections from last year. All you museum lovers out there get to have your say too! Whether you visited 1 or 100 museums in 2013, we want to know what your best moments were.

And not only that we’ve widened out the awards, they’ve received a new name too. In honour of #MuseumBaby, whose real name is possibly one of the worst kept secrets around here, the awards are now called ‘The Museum Oskars’ (see what we did there?).

So, this is your chance to nominate your favourite museums and best museum experiences of the PAST YEAR! Just to be clear, not your favourite/ best museums of all time, just out of the ones you visited 2013 (it’s called the 2014 Oskars because that’s when we’re doing them, in case you were wondering). Nominations will be open for two weeks, and at the end of January we’ll write up the results and share out all the museum love.

The museums themselves don’t win anything – other than that warm fuzzy feeling you get when someone loves you a lot, which actually we think is quite a good prize (and we’ll also create a wee badge to display on their website, should any museum wish to do so). But we’ll be drawing a name at random out of everyone who makes a nomination, to receive a little surprise parcel from us. Winners of our past projects will tell you its’ worth it ;)

By the way, you will notice there aren’t any questions about best use of digital/social media etc. There are already plenty of awards out there for that, and we wanted to concentrate on the good old fashioned physical museum visits and experiences. But there is an option to add nominations for your own categories at the end, if you strongly feel you want to, so you can always mention it there.

There are 12 categories in total. Answers are optional, so if a category really doesn’t apply to you (e.g. you didn’t use an audio guide), just skip it. You can also nominate the same museum for several categories. So, come on and help spread the museum love. Vote now!

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