Happy New Year!

January 1, 2014


Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a good time celebrating. We had a quiet evening in doors with some drinks and snacks in front of the TV, hiding away from the fireworks. They go a bit over the top here in Berlin, starting at about 6pm on New Year’s Eve and going on until at least 2am on New Year’s Day. Of course, the biggest bangs are around midnight, when it feels a bit like Armageddon, with people shooting off fireworks in the middle of the pavement, off their balconies, down the street. Coming from the UK, it was a bit of a shock in our first year. And you can imagine what the streets look like the next morning. We went for a New Year’s walk to the playground, but ended up picking our way through lots of fireworks debris. The yellow “Buchstabenfeld” (letter field) artwork outside the Berlinische Galerie, which is directly next to the playground, didn’t look any better. Here are a couple of photographs I took. As #MuseumBaby said, “What a mess!”.





As a comparison, here’s what the artwork normally looks like:


Hopefully it will be restored to it’s normal sunshine yellow state soon.

Wishing you all health & happiness for 2014 – and, of course, lots of exciting museums!


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